archive and alpha versions

The (?)-scope is a granular VST instrument
in beta stage. It was built in 2005 as a
predecessor of splinetime, although the
concepts differ. Still, it has its advantages in
quick accessibility and resulting sounds.

scope preview

Hear the demo track
Download the plugin

Other projects

[2006/07]   VST Workshop TU Berlin
[2002] Composition for the movie
'Zwischen Flieder...' / HFF Potsdam
[2000] Composition OST 'Das Licht'

Music Projects

[2001-2007]    lidsquid
[2002-2005]   magneos l
[2001-2002]   metaphon
[2001-2003]   phong
[1998-2001]   kims house
[1997-1998]   hukalabuka